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Toronto  Ontario   M2H 2E3

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ATV Tours and Rentals

If you are looking for a challenge this Epic Half Day Tour is it! Ride through a 75′ river crossing and drive up rivers to hidden lakes in extreme mud. Canada’s most epic adventure! This tour is a challenge-of-a-life-time tour. You will have a ride to remember!

Snowmobile Rentals

Renting snowmobiles from our Muskoka location in Dwight is the perfect starting place for your snowmobiling. Back Country Tours Muskoka is conveniently located on amazing snowmobile trails – OFSC’s MSR District 7 trail 77. So you can drive your snowmobile rental right from our store in Dwight, Ontario!

Location: Toronto Area
Categories: ATV Rentals, Cottage Rentals, Recreational Rentals, Ski Rentals, Snowmobile Rentals
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