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4559 Sheppard Ave East, Unit # A
Scarborough  Ontario   M1S 1V3

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Most Probably, we are the first Karaoke store of its kind, ever established in Canada. When I first came to Canada in the year 1989, I said to myself I had to do something, special and unique, and at the same time, could bring happiness to myself and others. I thought of singing ! But, could singing be a business? At that time, Hong Kong people’s daily-life entertainment was at a change from billiard to “Karaoke”. Singing was no longer a prerogative of the Pro! VCR was the player, VHS Tape was the format. People added in an “Echo Mixer” with mic inputs between their home stereo and the VCR to do their Karaoke. Nobody in Canada had ever heard of the word “Karaoke”. It was a strange pronunciation, a vocabulary not found in the Oxford’s or Webster’s Dictionary. “Ok. Let me introduce ‘Karaoke’ to Canada. It surely will be a lucrative market” I said to myself. I had never sung a song before, so I started to learn and practise 5 songs every day, the first one being “Love Me Tender”.
Location: Toronto Area
Categories: Karaoke Machine Rentals
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