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Exclusive Sport Rentals Inc.

8575 Keele Street
Vaughan  Ontario   L4K 3P4

Business Profile
Exclusive Sport Rentals was born in 2011. With a very clear vision that one shouldn’t have to be wealthy to enjoy a jet ski, snowmobile, an ATV or any other sports equipment. That taking in the breath-taking trails and gorgeous lakes and rivers that we have in Toronto and Ontario is actually accessible to all simply by renting out ATVs, power boats, snowmobiles, and other ready-to-use sports equipment without having to worry about maintenance and storage.
Location: Toronto Area
Categories: ATV Rentals, Bicycle Rentals, Boat Rentals, Bouncy Castle Rentals, Cotton Candy Machine Rental, Event Rentals, Party Rentals, Ski Rentals, Snowboard Rentals, Snowshoe Rentals, Trailer Rental
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